"Honestly, we feel he has the potential to be an all-around hitter on the level of Anthony Rizzo, per se, when he reaches his prime,'' Epstein said. "We feel that's what he could be. He's got certain toughness and leadership qualities that are Addison Russell Jerseys hard to find and that we don't necessarily have in surplus or abundance running around in this clubhouse or this organization. A certain energy and grit, ability to bring people together. … But the biggest thing is his bat. We think he's the type of offensive player you build around along with a couple of other guys like him.'' Between Arrieta, Davis and Lackey, the Cubs have almost $42 million Javier Baez Jerseys in roster flexibility. That's enough to have a good shot at re-signing Davis or Arrieta, which would fill one of the two biggest needs. But as Arrieta heads toward his age-32 season, he is looking for a longer contract than the Cubs have been willing to seriously consider. At least one club (the Rangers) is lining up to take a run at him. The picture is less clear with Davis, and I'd guess the Cubs will try to re-sign him if they trust his health. In his end-of-season news conference, Theo Epstein talks about the Cubs' loss to the Dodgers in the NLCS The craziest option on the Cubs' offseason wish list is this: One-stop shopping for starting pitchers, paying heavily for Yu Darvish and persuading Shohei Ohtani to follow him to Chicago. That might be a pipe dream, however, as Darvish likes being on the West Coast and will be the most pursued pitcher on the market if the Dodgers don't re-sign him quickly. Signing Ohtani might be even more difficult. As a 23-year-old Anthony Rizzo Jerseys ace, Ohtani (controllable for six seasons) is the kind of piece any team would covet, including one with Kyle Addison Russell Jerseys Hendricks, Jon Lester and Jose Quintana already on the roster. Add in his skills as a potential middle-of-the-order bat and he's a true one-of-a-kind player. The Cubs just might mount the kind of recruiting campaign for Ohtani that helped convince Lester to take a shot in Chicago. It's going to be fascinating to watch Epstein react to the 11-victory drop from 2016 to '17 and the continued rise of the Dodgers. You don't know what he's going to do, but you know how he's going to think. He'll Chicago Cubs Jerseys think big, as always. So what are you waiting for, stop your mouse, click here http://www.chicagocubsjerseyshop.us, refuel!